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President Barack Obama finally reacts to Donald Trump’s victory


President Barack Obama finally reacts to Donald Trump’s victory


The President of the United States of America Barack Obama has reacted to the victory of the current president-elect of the country. In a congratulatory message to Donald Trump, the US president said he will take steps to ensure a smooth transition of power.

He also said he will update him (Trump) on the transition process. Obama in a state by the White House on Wednesday, November 9, said: “Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the President identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the President-elect is the next step.” He also said steps must be taken to ensure the American people come together after the ‘hard-fought election season’.

Obama’s recent statement is coming as a surprise to many especially after declaring Trump as “unfit” for the US presidential seat. Also, Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama during the campaign period was vehemently against Trump. Michelle at various times called on parents especially women, not to allow the lives of their kids be dictated by a person (Trump) who sends a ‘bad’ message to them.

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