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Theresa May encouraged to ‘Abrogate THE HOUSE OF LORDS’ by senior…


Theresa May encouraged to ‘Abrogate THE HOUSE OF LORDS’ by senior…

The Prime Minister could debilitate to abrogate the Upper Chamber, or make gigantic slices to the quantity of associates, on the off chance that it doesn’t bolster the majority rule will of Britons.
The news comes as the Supreme Court is because of settle on a choice not long from now about whether MPs must vote to formally trigger the Brexit procedure.

The Lords needs to understand that, if they block this, they will be bringing an existential crisis upon themselves- Cabinet minister

Should the Government lose their appeal, a law to trigger Britain’s EU exit would be pushed through the House of Commons in just five days.
It would then have it be affirmed by the House of Lords, with clergymen permitting two months for the bill to go through the Upper Chamber.
However, if the House of Lords – which has a majority of Remainers – choose to block Brexit, it could take up to a year to pass the bill in a move that would throw Mrs May’s plan to leave the EU by March 2019 into turmoil.

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