Shocking video shows ‘Black Mamba’ users lying comatose in Birmingham city centre as cops beg people not to give them money

THIS shocking video shows a ‘Black Mamba’ user lying helpless in a city centre street as police beg the public to stop giving money to the homeless over fears they will buy the drug.

The form of synthetic cannabis has caused chaos on Britain’s streets as people have been seen in a zombie-like state after taking the drug.

BPM Media

The man is seen lying on the floor after taking the drug as people try to help[/caption]

BPM Media

He does not appear to move as three people try to rouse him as…

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There’s a new, apparently ‘healthier’ way to smoke – and it’s NOT e-cigarettes

THERE’S a new “cigarette” on the block – and while it looks similar, it’s no e-cig. Hailed as a “healthier” alternative to traditional fags, the heat-not-burn devices are set explode in popularity, experts said today. Heat-not-burn devices have been hailed as a “healthier” alternative to regular fags, by the giant …

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Cops hunt 'Chinese man' after 'vicious' attack on teenage boy outside Edinburgh takeaway

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