Jeremy Vuolo SLAMMED for Calling Catholicism a Demonic, Pagan Religion!


A lot of people love the Duggars because of how strongly they value their religion, and how deeply they believe in it.

But a lot of other people wish they would cool their jets about certain issues.

Jinger and Jeremy on the 'Gram

For example, as we’ve seen in recent months, it’s always a big issue when one of the Duggar women dares to wear something other than a long, plain skirt.

From what we’ve heard, Jinger…

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Duggar Family: Are They Finally Giving Up on Josh?

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Jacob Roloff Shares New Nephew Photo, Possibly Hints at Little People, Big World Return

Jacob Roloff continues to give fans a reason to believe. As veteran Little People, Big World viewers are well aware of, Roloff quit his family’s long-running TLC reality series last summer. Moreover, he did so in grandiose fashion. The 20-year old told Instagram followers at the time that he simply couldn’t …