Daddy Freeze slams follower who called him the devil for having 66.6 thousand IG Followers

From the desk of Daddy Freeze

In my humble opinion, most humans are born with a recessive stupidity gene.
In this part of the world with yahoo boy pastors making everything a ‘spiritual issue’, that gene has become dominant.

Look at this clown @akpan_helen. According to her, this morning when I had 66.6k followers, I was a devil, now the thing has become 66.7k, am I still a devil? Please Nigerians, when we are doing things, let’s be using our sense.

Only a clodpate with a huge vacuous cavity in their cranium, usually occupied by a brain in normal humans, can make such a statement. But hey, we live in a country where people believe that a woman in Rivers state gave birth to a goat. Initially I was startled at the blatant brandishing of such foolishness by a huge number of people, only for me to remember that women give birth daily, to the voluminous sheeple that populate Nigerian Pentecostal churches. ~FRZ

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