Teacher still goes to work despite carrying huge tumour on his shoulder

 A teacher still manages to go to work with a huge tumour .

Watchara Nadee – nicknamed Kru Lek – found out he had cancer on his shoulder last year but the condition did not look serious at first.

But the shoulder swelled earlier this year so he attended for hospital for what he thought would be routine hospital treatment.

He continues teaching classes at Nakhorn Sawan Technical College daily, despite having to carry a 10 kilo tumour.Friend Monk Bhin said

“I think the seriousness of his condition will require three times his insurance limit so, once the limit is reached, he will have to go back to a reduced level of treatment – just the same as the poorest of people”.

 Kru Lek doesn’t want to worry his 74-year-old mother, who is paralysed and for whom he is the sole carer, so he hides his tumour with a scarf.

Kru Lek attributes his stoicism to his students, he says: “My students give me the will power to carry on”.he concluded

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