British actress,Tina Malone shows off her bikini body as she holidays in Spain

British actress and former ‘Shameless’ star, 54 year old Tina Malone showed off the results of her weight loss as she hit the beach in a bikini in Spain. Malone had a gastric balloon inserted into her stomach to lose weight. She said:

‘I know the difference between a piece of broccoli and a cream cake, but I couldn’t help myself,’ she admitted. 

‘I got into the habit of overeating. I tried every diet going, but I couldn’t control my weight. I’d lose a bit and then put it straight back on again.  ‘I’d eat bags and bags of crisps and bars of chocolate all in one sitting.’ 

‘I felt terrible about my life,’ she said. ‘It’s such a myth that fat people are jolly and full of fun – just rubbish. They look terrible and they feel crap about themselves.’   


Tina initially had a gastric balloon inserted into her stomach, which was then removed and replaced with a gastric band.

‘It’s been fantastic to see my body change,’ she said.

‘My belly’s shrunk so much and I’ve started to get a waist. 

‘I was so rotund before, I couldn’t fold my arms easily. The only problem now is that I’ve got excess skin. I’ve decided to do something about that though, and I’m planning a boob, neck and tummy tuck.’

Initially Tina had a gastric balloon inserted. She lost 4st 7lbs in six months, but put 2st back on when it was removed after six months.


Tina began working out, and signed up for a fitness boot camp, where she met her new husband, personal trainer, Paul Chase, who was then 28 years old and 19 years younger than her and the same age as her daughter Danielle. They got married in 2010 and have been married for almost 7 years.

She said:

‘People had plenty to say about the age difference, but at the end of the day, love is love, isn’t it?’

Malone who is currently on vacation with her Boytoy husband in Spain, showed off her body in this bikini.


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